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Contract Manufacturing

  • GlobalChemmall

    provides professional contract Manufacturing service.Our team is well versed in design and optimization of Organic Synthesis.Rely on proficient problem solving skills and high project success rate,we are able to provide our customers with the following high quality chemical custom synthesis services.

  • Scope of services:

    Compound custom synthesis,peptide custom synthesis,protein synthesis,Pharmaceutical intermediates,generic drug synthesis,chemical custom synthesis CRO,etc.

  • GlobalCheMall advantage:
    1.High Quality Assurance

    All customized compounds are designed and synthesized by dedicated engineer,and are guided and managed by advanced synthetic instruments and experienced technical directors to ensure that high-quality products are delivered within the promised time.

    2.Quick Delivery

    We have a variety of high-quality raw materials in our inventory,and we also have professional raw material procurement channels to ensure that each project can be executed quickly.

    3.Full set of analytical instruments

    We have full set of analytical instruments and professional technical engineer,which can not only assist the synthesis,analyze the results and possible problems,improve the project,and complete your project as soon as possible,but also very happy to answer any questions and queries about the product aftersales.

    4.Experienced R&D engineers

    Our R&D team consists of experienced returnees from well-known overseas universities and professionals who have been engaged in organic synthesis for many years.

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