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Based in China,serving the world,we are a professional chemical online mall from China
100,000+kinds of products including pharmaceuticals,agrochemical,fine chemical,food additives,paint,dyes,OLED materials,water treatments and laboratory reagents
Contract Development and Manufacturing Services

GlobalChemMall is a professional chemical online mall from in China,which using Internet technology to provide online purchasing services for global chemical buyers.
GlobalChemMall contains more than 100,000 products,covering medicines,pesticides,materials,food additives,etc.

GlobalChemMall cooperates with quality global suppliers,and we have more than 1,000 cooperative suppliers at present.GlobalChemMall has strict criteria for supplier selection,selecting suppliers with reliable quality and stable production to cooperate to ensure the quality of goods and deliver on time.

GlobalChemMall have R&D centers to provide Contract Development and Manufacturing Services.Our service covers the fields of Pharmaceutical,liquid crystal,pesticides,and materials.We can provide customized processing services ranging from grams to tons.

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