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In case the sellers fail to ship the whole lot or part of the goods within the time stipulated in this contract,the buyer have the right to cancel the part of the contract which has not been performed 30days following the expiry of the stipulated time of shipment,unless there exists a Force Majeure cause or the contract stipulation has been modified with the buyer’s consent.

In case discrepancy on the quality of the goods is found by the buyers after arrival of the goods at the port of destination,the buyer may,within 30days after arrival of the goods at the port of destination,lodge with the sellers a claim which should be supported by an inspection Certification issued by a public surveyor approved by the sellers.The sellers shall on the merits of the claim,either make good the loss sustained by the Buyers or reject their claim,it being agreed that the seller shall not be held responsible for any loss of losses due to natural cause or cause falling within the responsibility of Shipowners or the underwriters.

In case the letter of credit does not reach the sellers within the time stipulated in the contract,or if the letter of credit opened by buyers does not correspond to the contract terms and that the Buyers fail to amend there after its terms in time,after receipt of notification by the Sellers,the Sellers shall have the right to cancel the contract or to delay the delivery of the goods and shall have also the right to claim,for compensation of losses against the Buyers.