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Изображение Honeysuckle extract(HoneySuchle Flowers Extract)

Honeysuckle extract(HoneySuchle Flowers Extract)

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начало: Китай

Кас Но: 84603-62-3

Спецификация: 99%наименьший

минимальный объем заказа: 1 /kg

снабженческая способность: 5 mt/month

опережающий период: OEM 7 дней, пятно 3 дня


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  • 1. The medicinal standards of honeysuckle extract
    【Name】Honeysuckle extract

    【Ingredients】Chlorogenic acid

    【Jiyuan】It is derived from the dry buds or the first blooming flowers of honeysuckle, a plant of the honeysuckle family.

    [Distribution] Mainly produced in Shandong and Henan. It is produced in most parts of the country.

    [Contents of index ingredients] Refer to the honeysuckle medicinal standards of the 2010 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. This product is calculated as a dry product and contains not less than 1.5% of chlorogenic acid and not less than 0.050% of luteolin.

    2. Standard for Honeysuckle Extract
    [Sensory requirements] Appearance: brown-yellow powder. Smell: fresh and fragrant, light and slightly bitter.

    [Physical and chemical index] Pass rate of 80 mesh sieve with particle size ≥80% Loss on drying ≤8% Chlorogenic acid content ≥4.0%

    3. Production process of honeysuckle extract
    【Flow chart】

    Honeysuckle raw medicinal materials -> extraction -> medicinal material extract -> concentration -> concentrated liquid -> spray drying -> packaging -> storage

    【Process Description】

    Pre-treatment: The original medicinal materials are processed into pure medicinal materials, and the pure medicinal materials are transferred to the net material warehouse.

    Extraction: Add water to decoc 3 times, 1.5 hours each time, filter, combine the filtrate, and concentrate the filtrate under a reduced pressure below 60°C to a clear paste with a relative density of 1.10-1.20 (room temperature), let it cool, and add 4 times the amount of ethanol. Stir well, let stand for 2 hours, filter, and recover ethanol from the filtrate under reduced pressure.

    Concentration: Filter the extract and add it to the concentration tank for concentration.

    Drying: spray drying, ready to be obtained.

    4. Efficacy and application of honeysuckle extract
    Clear heat and detoxify, evacuate wind heat. Used for Houbi, erysipelas, heat toxin blood dysentery, wind-heat cold, febrile disease and fever.

    5. Packaging
    25 kg/drum (the outer cardboard drum and the inner double-layer plastic bag).

    6. Little common sense
    Honeysuckle is a medicinal and food homologous variety. With the change of people's food composition and the improvement of living standards, honeysuckle has become more and more widely used, and it has begun to develop from medicines and health products to food, beverages, feed additives and daily chemicals. Honeysuckle tea made from honeysuckle or mixed with tea has been favored by consumers for many years. In recent years, new products developed using honeysuckle extract as raw materials, such as silver flower soda, honeysuckle cola, and silver flower beer have been put on the market one after another. In Japan, honeysuckle extract is added to soap, toothpaste, skin care agents, etc., which has a certain effect on treating skin diseases, dental diseases, and improving skin conditions. Honeysuckle is commonly used in France to extract spice oil for use in cosmetics and air cleaners. With the increasing requirements for food safety, to prevent the abuse of antibiotics, honeysuckle and its stem and leaf extracts have been used as green feed additives to replace antibiotics in the aquaculture industry.

  • [Product name] honeysuckle extract
    【English name】HoneySuchle Flowers Extract
    [Active ingredient] chlorogenic acid

    【Molecular formula】C16H18O9
    【Molecular Weight】354.31
    [Product specifications] 15%, 13%, 7%, 6%, 5%
    [Quality Standard] Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 Edition

    【Properties】Light yellow to brownish yellow powder; odorless, bitter in taste, and hygroscopic.

    [Extraction source] The dried flower buds or the first blooming flowers of the honeysuckle family plant Lonicera japonica
    [Storage] Airtight, store in a cool, dry place, and moisture-proof.
    [Shelf Life] Two years
    [Packing] Double-layer food grade plastic bag, external cardboard drum packaging, 25Kg/drum.

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