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Cyanogen chloride

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Origin: China

Cas No: 506-77-4

Specification: 99%min

Min order Quantity: 1 /kg

Supply Ability: 100 mt/month

Lead time: 7 days for OEM, 3 days for ready goods


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    CAS No.: 506-77-4 Formula: CClN Molecular Weight: 61.47040


    Cyanogen chloride is an inorganic compound with the formula NCCl. This linear, triatomic pseudohalogen is an easily condensed colorless gas. More commonly encountered in the laboratory is the related compound cyanogen bromide, a room-temperature solid that is widely used in biochemical analysis and preparation.

    Basic Info

    Chemical Name Cyanogen chloride

    Carbononitridic chloride;
    Cyanic chloride;
    Chlorine cyanide;

    CAS No. 506-77-4
    Molecular Formula CClN
    Molecular Weight 61.47040
    PSA 23.79000
    LogP 0.70628


    Appearance & Physical State An easily condensed, highly toxic, colorless gas with acrid odor
    Density Liquid: 1.186 g/mL (at 20°C), Vapor: 2.16
    Boiling Point 13 °C
    Melting Point -6.55 ºC
    Refractive Index 1.376
    Water Solubility soluble
    Soluble soluble in ethanol, ether
    Vapor Pressure 1.987 MPa (at 21.1 °C)

    Safety Info

    Hazard Class 2.3
    Safety Statements S26; S36
    HS Code 2853002000
    WGK Germany 3
    RIDADR UN 1589
    Risk Statements R20/21/22; R36/37/38
    Hazard Codes T

    Synthesis Route

    hydrogen cyanide+bromic acidCyanogen bromide solution+Cyanogen chloride
    bromic acidCyanogen bromide solution+Cyanogen chloride
    Trimethylsilyl Cyanidefluoro(trimethyl)silane+Cyanogen chloride

    Downstream Product

    1,3-Diaminoguanidine monohydrochloride
    2,2,2-trichloroethyl cyanate

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